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Color capsule make-up base

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Color capsule make-up base

│ Brand Story │

Color capsule make-up base, which is a representative item of Catalina Geo brand that began in 1986, was born in 1997. It is the best-selling item which celebrated 18 years.

The world's first makeup based binding in the form of essence and the capsule of skin care function has been loved by many around the world of women in Asia, the United States, the Middle East, and Europe in 2015 currently.

And from the past to the present, our products exported of about 20 countries such as the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, China Vietnam Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Paraguay have been made.


│ Description │

For the busy women who cannot give up “In the skin nutrition” and “a beautiful skin tone”

In the busy morning, it is difficult to make up from base to foundation It is possible to start a beautiful makeup to make a tone of skin chosen as high humidity essence from nutrition in the skin
The capsule make-up base to moist and shine throughout the day your skin at a time
That’s the most fascinate specialty of Catalina Geo Color Capsule Make Up Base.

A special note component Jeju flower extract and the components of vitamin E, squalane, and hyaluronic acid protect the nutrition of the skin
Five color of the capsule base to be used to match the tone of your skin will help the beautiful skin representation.


│ Core Ingredient │

Natural Moisturizing Factor Squalane

To be allowed to moist and maintain skin natural moisturizing factor,

It will help to prevent oxidation of the skin.

Squalane penetrates deep into the skin by 2mm per second, it will act from within the skin.

It is absorbed without burdening the pores of the other components
To be dried to prevent the evaporation of moisture is increased to the absorption rate

It was improved, and promotes skin respiration
It manages to lively skin healthy.

  • High Moisturizing
Natural Vitamin E Tocopheryl Acetate

It is well known in Vitamin E acetate, Tocopherol acetate, when there’s no oxidized, helps to preventing the skin from harmful oxygen penetrates deep into the skin.
In the role of antioxidant is protecting from damage of skin.

By providing a vibrant conditioning to the skin
It will help to managing vibrant healthy skin.

By preventing moisture loss of the stratum corneum
It will play a role of improving the moisturizing power of the skin.

  • Antioxidant, Anti-aging prevention
  • Skin nourishment
  • Prevent moisture loss
Powerful Moisture Supply
Sodium Hyaluronate

It is Sodium salt of Hyaluronic acid which is 6,000 times higher than normal moisture factors own moisture content, And save it to absorb the surrounding moisture.

Because of natural moisture ingredients, skin is not dried and it is supplied moisturizing and attracts moisture around,
To prevent evaporation phenomenon of the water
It creates thin transparent moisture retention so that it decreases the stimulation from the external factors.

  • Provide high moisturizing
  • Enhance skin barrier
Skin nourishment Jeju Flower Complex
Component of grew up in the Republic of Korea of health areas Jeju Island flower

  • Lonicer aflower extract :
    It was luteolin to smooth the texture of the skin, And also saponin component is contained to make skin sedation, prevent oxidation, and do astriction.

  • The west canola extract :
    A large amount of vegetable fat and protein improve the moisturizing of the skin, prevent to be dried, protect the skin and provide nourishment.

  • Thymus extract :
    the components like thymine, thyme, carvacrol, etc are to prevent inflammation of the skin, do antibacterial action, restrain the activity of harmful external substances, and prevent evaporation of moisture in the skin so that it maintains moisturizing effects.

│ How To Use │

After basic steps, apply an appropriate amount all over the face evenly.

  • PINK
    - Contains fine pearls which let your skin beautifully sheen.

    - Neutralizes red, which makes it perfect for camouflaging red cheeks , broken veins and blemishes.

  • BLUE
    - Great for people with dark skin or freckles or pigmentation in the skin

    - Makes yellow skin tone look bright and pale tone looks rosy

    - Makes the skin look defined. Smoothes uneven skin texture

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