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Real Eating Mask Pack

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Real Eating Mask Pack

│ Description │

100% Harmless Real Eating mask to the human body, unlike the existing mask sheet to induce skin irritation, you can feel natural rice paper itself as a mask sheet safe to use even in the skin with the superior technology.

100% Natural Rice Paper
97 % - Rice
3% - Green tea (turmeric, black rice),water,salt

Natural ingredient, Excellent adhesion, low-stimulus Rice Paper Mask Pack
Safe to the skin!! Safe to eat!!
100% Natural material


│ Introduce of Real Eating Mask Pack │

  • 100% Natural material, Excellent adhesion

    Safe to skin, Safe to eat, using 100% natural ingredient of real rice, so it is confident to use in sensitive and stimulus skin and has great adhesion and glutinous texture.

  • Superior Skin Brightening, Nutrition Effect

    Skin brightening and rich nutrition effect given by rice are supplied to your skin for transparent and liveliness skin.

  • Essence by prescribed scientifically with patent ingredient

    Patented oriental ingredients such as cercis chinensis, uncaria rhynchophylla, fermented red ginseng and other active oriental ingredients provide moisturizing effect and nutrition to skin and rhEGF and Callus Culture Extract prevent skin damage and give anti-stress, skin relaxation for maintaining skin health.

│ Main Ingredient │

Beauty secret skin of Korean royal court woman from time immemorial

Rice is the most familiar grain to Korean,
Rice contained full of nutrition was raised traditionally beautiful skin.

Rice contains variety of the vitamins and minerals in the bay, so it supplies immediately the nutrients that are missing in the skin. And also rice has antioxidant effect of vitamin E.

Especially Gammaoryzanol included in many rice embryo extract provides skin cell activation and anti- oxidation effect, so it helps anti-aging and gloss of the skin raised to be healthy and vivid.


│ 3 kinds of Real Eating Mask Pack │

 editorimg  editorimg  editorimg
Black Rice Turmeric Green Tea
  • The component of black rice, anthocyanin, provide the help of skin aging suppression with anti-oxidant action.

  • Including vitamins, rich of various salts gives a smoother and glossy texture of the skin and it calms the skin trouble, and the role that will skin tone and white transparent.

  • It increases collagen synthesis, contributing to the increase in flexibility and elasticity of the skin hydration of excellent moisturizing to skin.
  • It holds causative active oxygen of protection ability of aging of the skin, preventing oxidative damage of skin, imparting animation of skin.

  • To suppress the activity of harmful substances to the skin, removal, prevention of skin growth, cut off or reduced the skin hypersensitivity reactions (anti-inflammatory, antibacterial), to give help to the skin soothing.

  • Excellence in sedation management of problem skin
  • Vitamin C, the elasticity of the skin tocopherol component of green tea have moisturizing, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and there is a whitening effect by inhibition of melanin production.

  • Skin Sedation, and it included many excellent vitamins A, B2 component green tea to alleviate acne skin

  • Tannin component of green tea helps to maintain skin elasticity, shrinking pores, detoxification, and sebum control.

  • Cold nature of the green tea is superior in sedation management to cool the heat coming up to surface.
  •  editorimg  editorimg  editorimg

    │ Effects and Ingredients │

    • Strengthen the barrier of the skin, recovery of damage skin, elasticity- rhEGF, Lactobacillus/Red ginseng extract fermentation filter water, ceramide 3
    • Antioxidants, wrinkle care, animation grant - ginseng extract, Cercis chinensis extract, Uncaria rhynchophylla extract, SODIUM DNA
    • Skin vitality, moisturizing- Sodium DNA, Honey extract, Hydrogenated Lecithin

    In the rice paper essence
    Fit the expensive patented ingredient of functionality ample

    editorimg  The name of invention: the raw material contains Cercis chinensis extract has antioxidant, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effects
    Patent No. 10-0600249
     editorimg The name of invention: Cosmetic that contained Uncaria rhynchophylla extract which provides aging inhibitory effect of cell
    Patent No. 0490315

    │ How to Use Real Eating Mask Pack │


    1. After wash your face, simply clean your face with skin.
    2. Take off the package, open middle coverage of tray and pour essence into the tray.
    3. Waiting for 2 minutes for absorbing essence fully.
    4. Take out the sheet and gently attach to your face
    5. After 15 to 20 minutes, remove the mask sheet and finish with skin care. You don’t need to wash your face after using this mask pack.

    │ Composition of Real Eating Mask Pack │

    Real Eating Mask Pack Composition
    Rice paper mask (up,down) Rice paper mask pack tray Rice paper mask pack essence 20g
     editorimg  editorimg  editorimg
    Series of Real Eating Mask Pack
    Eating mask Black Rice Eating mask turmeric Eating mask green tea
     editorimg  editorimg  editorimg

    │ Differentiation of Sheet Mask Pack and Real Eating Mask Pack │

    Sheet Mask Pack editorimg  Real Eatin Mask Pack
    (Rice Paper Mask Pack)
    • Using chemical pulp and felt, sensitive skin can be under stimulus

    • Shortfall of adhesion forces, it’s not really attached to face and easily detached.

    • Around 10 minutes of short time, it causes evaporation of moisture, the absorption rate goes down, and if you attached for a long time, it could be captivated your moistures.
    • Using natural rice paper, all type of sensitive skin can apply eating mask pack.

    • Regardless of your face shape, the starch ingredient of rice paper makes high adhesion function. (elasticity ↑ , adhesion ↑ )

    • The moisture does not dry out easily, increase the nutritional absorption and essence absorption components of rice paper pack itself, and keeps the moisture of skin a long time.

    • The effective ingredients of rice paper mask provide elasticity, nutrition and whitening to your skin.

    • Contained patent ingredients make skin healthier

    │ Introduced Media to Effectiveness of Rice Paper Pack │

     editorimg  editorimg  editorimg  editorimg
    Eliminate your swollen face
    / Cooling Effect
    The ingredient of Vitamin
    Mineral absorbs into the face
    Decrease skin temperature
    / Improve elasticity
    Strong adhesion/
    Increase conductibility

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    Real Eating Mask Pack

    Real Eating Mask Pack